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Beautiful Saakhi for Today

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Beautiful Saakhi One person always used to chant the name of God. Gradually he was very old, so that he was lying in a room only, whenever he was defeated; Bath, etc.; He used to call his son and used to take his son. Slowly a few days later, the son used to cry several […]

Sakhi ek old lady ki

A Sufi mystic lady became a rabiya she did not see anything bad in anybody. That is the symptom of the saint. She also saw the thorn, the song came out of her praise, her friend, her disciples and other mystics were very upset, One day a fakir Hassan said that Rabiya, we bring all […]

Ek Bahut he Motivational Sakhi by Satsang..

Good work should always be done !! A man called a painter to his house, and showed his boat and said, paint it. He took painter paint and painted that boat, as the red color, as the owner of the boat wanted. Then the painter took his money, and went away. The next day, the […]

True heart touching Sakhi baba ji (latest)

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True heart (Talk of Mercy Mehr) When the food (guruprasad) is given in the Beas anchor, it is repeated annoucement that as much as it is necessary, it is only because of the guru’s eyes that it is due to him, Should not. A child was a handicap that could not eat properly, was sitting […]

Satsang ka fal Sakhi by baba ji

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सत्संग का फल एक था मजदूर। मजदूर तो था, साथ-ही-साथ किसी संत महात्मा का प्यारा भी था। सत्संग का प्रेमी था। उसने शपथ खाई थी! मैं उसी का बोझ उठाऊँगा, उसी की मजदूरी करूँगा, जो सत्संग सुने अथवा मुझे सुनाये. प्रारम्भ में ही यह शर्त रख देता था। जो सहमत होता, उसका काम करता। एक […]

Lahore ke ladke ki Sakhi…. (must read)

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Lahaurakeladkekisakhi…. A Lahore boy was a satsang and a loving creature. When Verma’s battle began, the Satguru took care of it. Did not meet the ship tickets at that time. Satguru gave a vision. Said-“Thou walk, the ticket will be found when two ships are removed, then sit in the third. It was a poor […]

Sakhi Sewadaar ki naamdaan lena chahta tha

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Once a sage Ji’s beloved Sevadar who Maharaj Ji is an affiliate of They own Rahmat and Naam Tips. by Baba Ji By looking at the big Love said Naam not be found in this birth. May. So Sevadar kinda Love began to stubbornly and jidd it lasted for about 5 days. Finally Maharaj Ji […]

Ek satsangi satsang sunne aya karta tha SAKHI

एक महाजन सत्संग सुनने जाया करता था। एक दिन उसके पुत्र ने कहा कि आप रोज सत्संग में जाते हो आज मैं जाऊंगा। पिता ने कहा कि अच्छा जा। खैर ! पुत्र सत्संग में गया। बड़े प्रेम के साथ वचन सुनता रहा।  वहां यह विषय आया कि किसी का नुकसान नहीं करना चाहिए किसी का […]

Morning time simran kyu karna chaiye padhiye ….

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Why should we simran in the morning? * What is so important about the morning simran? In the morning, Simran is so important because you meet the guru before you meet the devil. _♥. You meet the guru before completing the circumstances of life. _ you talk to the guru before you talk to many […]

A very nice heart touching saakhi…

Posting as received… A very nice heart touching saakhi… ? सत्संग में नींद आ जाती है 2010 मार्च visit to Dera Beas ….. night duty मिली। सत्संग का प्रोग्राम खत्म हो चुका था। सिर्फ नामदान की बक़शीश वाली संगत ही रूकी थी। कैंटीन एक ही खोलने का हुक्म था। तभी एक नवविवाहित बिटिया आई,और फ्रूटी […]

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