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Sakhi Himachal pardesh ki Jab baba ji bimar the

Mumbai Radha Swami Satsang

This is from Himachal and this is the case when Babaji was very sick and he was undergoing treatment. A 16_17 year old girl was traveling in a bus to visit her home after her school and tuition time. Going a little further some boys came in it too. Who had drunk And that girl […]

Sakhi by Master Puran Singh

baba ji in dera vyas

A Sakshi heard by Master Puran Singh The talk was of those days when Vyas Hospital was going on. Masterji used to serve those days. Sand was brought from the bank for construction work. One day when the river took the sand along the trolley, a man from the village stood there, he did not […]

Satsang main ek Sant ki Sakhi sunai…

Used to be a saint. His devotion or devotion was so much that he used to be so beautiful in his tune that he had no sensation. His adolescence and move were so much fun The crowd of those who went to see the crowd went. And for their visions, people used to reach the […]

Baba ji ki Bacho par Daya mehar…

baba gurinder with son

Our Baba pays mercy on all and is his special attachment to children. This thing which you are going to read is about the month of March when all the children’s examination is over, according to the order of Babaji, children of class 3 to 8 were served, so that children will stand on the […]

Ek Satsangi ki life ki Sakhi…

There was a very poor saintly, Who loved his satguru with great faith and ungrateful love, And used to do bhajan-simron in the morning and evening. He used to serve in the ashram And whenever and whenever there was any service, He used to serve happily. That day, the wedding date of Bitia became confirmed […]

Guru Ke Meharwani hamare upar Read it

Gurur Meharwani – I asked a man who is the guru! She was eating apple, she gave me an apple in my hands and asked me how many seeds can she tell me? Cutting the apples I counted and said there are three seeds! He took a seed in his hand and asked again Think […]

Baba ji ne bataya ki man ki khushi kese milege….

radha soami baba ji with guards

Mind_key_food_h A saint wanted to make his own ashram, for which he used to meet many people. And they had to go from one place to another for traveling. During this visit, one day he met a simple girl named Vidyasi. Witheshi welcomed her with great joy and stopped the Sant from sometime for a […]

Baba ji ne Sardar Bahadur ji ki Sakhi sunai…..

radha soami shabad

Baba ji said that “Sardar Bahadur ji once Calling the servant and saying that this picture should be placed on that wall, So now that where the picture to be taken was slightly higher then the servant looked at a table or stool, Hujur said, put a picture of the climb on my bed, the […]

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