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Sakhi by Master Puran Singh

baba ji in dera vyas

A Sakshi heard by Master Puran Singh The talk was of those days when Vyas Hospital was going on. Masterji used to serve those days. Sand was brought from the bank for construction work. One day when the river took the sand along the trolley, a man from the village ...

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Ek Satsangi ki life ki Sakhi…

There was a very poor saintly, Who loved his satguru with great faith and ungrateful love, And used to do bhajan-simron in the morning and evening. He used to serve in the ashram And whenever and whenever there was any service, He used to serve happily. That day, the wedding ...

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Beautiful Saakhi for Today

rssb vyas

Beautiful Saakhi One person always used to chant the name of God. Gradually he was very old, so that he was lying in a room only, whenever he was defeated; Bath, etc.; He used to call his son and used to take his son. Slowly a few days later, the ...

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