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Do read today’s thoughts ( Aaj ka Vichaar)

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do read today’s thoughts…..*_ _* Abhimanyu’s wife was broom in the uttara palace, then draupadi turned his head on his head and said, ” daughter in the future, sometimes suffering from pain, pain, or terrible disaster, sometimes in your own garden. – don’t go in the shelter of relatives directly go to God’s refuge. “*_ […]

History of Baba Gurinder Singh Ji

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji mostly known to the followers with the name “BABA JI”.He suceeded from Maharaj Charan Singh in 1991.He is one of the youngest teachers to be appointed to head the Dera,Radha Soami Satsang Beas. .Baba Gurinder Singh Ji, was born in 1954 on August 1. Before accepting the position to head the […]

Baba Gurinder Singh JI

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Baba Gurinder Singh Ji was born in 1954. His family is from a traditional agricultural community of Punjab, India. Baba Gurinder Singh Ji was named by his predecessor as spiritual head of RSSB in 1990. Based in Spain before accepting this position, he is now retired and lives off his own income. In keeping with the […]

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