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Baba ji ke sewadaro ki Story

Radha Swami vyas

Once Guru Ji asked his students to bring some tomatoes. But every tomato had to be packed in a white envelope and on that envelope was to write the name of the person, which would be disgusting or annoying to the student. If a student is disgusted or offended by anybody, then he is a […]

Ek greeb ki Emotional Story Share it

radha swami gurus

ek gareeb ek din ek sikkh ke paas apanee jameen bechane gaya bola saradaarajee meree 2 ekad jameen aap rakh lo , sikkh bola ,kya keemat hai , gareeb bola, –50 hajaar rupaye , sikh thodee der soch ke ,vo hee khet jisame tyoobal laga hai gareeb ,— jee aap mujhe 50, se kam bhee […]

Satsang main promise ke upar bataya

aapne ander sirf parmatma di aas(umeed) rakho sab dukh khatam ho jaan ge

Promise and neglect – Leave the promise of most done and come to the promise made by the straightforward guru that he is playing the promise made to the guru or not. Remember, with so many beats, we had given a gift to Namdhari of the master of Satyaguru at the time of nomination. The […]

Satsang khatm hone ke baad ki Story

Radha Swami vyas

सत्संग का प्रोग्राम खत्म हो चुका था। सिर्फ नाम की बक़शीश वाली संगत ही रूकी थी। कैंटीन का एक ही Gate खोलने का हुक्म था। तभी एक नवविवाहित बिटिया आई,और फ्रूटी पर ऊंगली रख देने का ईशारा किया।फिर एक बिस्किट पर।इशारे से कीमत पूछी।ईशारे से ही कीमत बता दी।उसने दुर खडे अपने पति को ताली […]

Real Emotional Story Of Pandit

baba ji radha saomi ji

One day the pundit was thirsty, incidentally, there was no water in the house. That’s why his wife brought water from the neighborhood. Pandit asked drinking water. Pandit – Where have you brought it? There is very cold water. Wife – from the house of the potter in the neighborhood (The Pandit threw the lotat […]

Bikhari ki Real Story by Satsangi Sewadaar

radha soami satsang [rssb]

There was a beggar! Sitting in a suit boot while looking for a beggar in the train trip, Seth Ji looked at him. He thought that this person looks very rich, if he asks for a begging, he will surely give me good money. He started begging from that Seth. Seeing the beggar, that Seth […]

Delhi king ki Story Sunai

Radha Swami vyas

Naseeruddin Mahmud has become a Muslim king in Delhi. His rule was not to spend anything from the treasury for himself, but to live with his earnings. His job was to remove the work from the court and write Quran Sharif with his hand and on the assumption that it was sold in the market […]

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