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Baba ji aur Dada Vasvani History

Manila Philippines Babaji was in Manila today & someone asked him about his closeness to Dada J.P .Vaswani. Babaji said ..what can I say? I have never seen such a nice, sweet & humble soul !! ? Today in Manila satsang, Some One has been an initiate for past 16-17yrs but has never heard him […]

Sachi Story Dil ko Chu lene wali Read and Share it

A true event that will fill your heart with confidence. There was a girl whose “Guru Guru Nanak Sahib had a faith belief that he would wake up early in the morning and read the Nityanam after leaving the bath. Gurudwara Sahib also used to illuminate Shri Guru Granth Sahib everyday, reads intuitive, reads him […]

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