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Must Read 20 Vachan

Must Read 20 Vachan 1. The best time of the hymn is from 3 to 6 in the morning. 2. You do not have the right to 3 hours from 24 hours, this time is of the master. 3. The 10th degree of earned money is of Guru. It should be put in the Spirit. […]

Shanti ka marg kese parapat kare

Path of peace …. Was a businessman. He made a lot of money in business. Build big houses, keep servants and servants, but it is unfortunate that he went back to his day. There was a loss in business and he became an idiot for a single penny. When his problem got out of his […]

Satguru se gyan parapat kese kare ?

अक्सर कुछ लोग सोचते है कि सतगुरु से ज्ञान अर्थात नामदान लिये कई वर्ष हो गए, थोड़ा बहुत भजन सिमरन भी करते हैं, सत्संग मे भी जाते है, धार्मिक किताबे भी पढ़ते है, और गुरु घर कि सेवा भी करते हैं लेकिन अभी तक आंतरिक तरक्की नही हुई, ऐसा क्यों ? देखो जब हम अपना […]

20 tips for a better life

20 tips for a better life: 1. Make a habit of walking for 10 to 30 minutes daily. Keep a smile on the face while walking 2. Sit quietly for at least 10 minutes daily. 3. Read more books this year than last year. 4. Spend some time with older people aged 70 and under […]

Vachan Baba Ji ke …..

vachan mahaaraaj saavan singh jee .——* *e insaan ! too sansaar mein us sachche naam ka phaayade mand sauda karane aaya tha , jo kabhee phel nahin hota, lekin afasos ki too bekaar aur path bhrasht karane vaalee cheejo mein ulajh gaya hai .* *saansaarik jeevan kee raatri samaapt hone vaalee hai.* *jo jeete jee […]

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