Bikhari ki Real Story by Satsangi Sewadaar

There was a beggar! Sitting in a suit boot while looking for a beggar in the train trip, Seth Ji looked at him. He thought that this person looks very rich, if he asks for a begging, he will surely give me good money. He started begging from that Seth.
Seeing the beggar, that Seth said, “You always ask for something, do you ever give something to someone?”
The beggar said, “Sir, I am beggar, always keep asking people, where can I give something to someone like me?”
Seth: – When you can not give something to anyone then you have no right to demand it. I am a businessman and trust in the transaction, if you have to give me something, then I can give you something in return.
Then the station came to where the Seth had to descend, he landed off the train and left.
Here, the beggar started thinking about Seth. The thing that has been said by Seth goes to the beggar’s heart. He started thinking that maybe I do not get much money in the begging because I can not give anything to anyone in return. But I am a beggar, I am not even able to give anything to anyone. But how long will I keep asking people without giving anything.
After much thought, the beggar decided that whatever person he begged for, he would surely give some to that person.
But now the question was in his mind that he is beggar himself, then what can he give to others in exchange for a beggar?
He spent the whole day thinking about this thing but he could not find any answer to his question.
On the second day when he was sitting near the station, he saw some flowers lying on the plants surrounding the station, he thought, why not I give people some flowers instead of begging. He liked this idea and broke some flowers from there.
He reached the train to beg. Whenever someone begged him, in return, he gave some beggars some flowers. Those flowers were happy and kept them near them. Now the beggar breaks the flowers everyday and instead of the begging, he would divide those flowers into the people.
Within a few days, he realized that many people have started begging him now. He used to break all the flowers near the station. As long as he had flowers, many people were begging him. But when the distribution of flowers was finished, he could not even beg for it, nowadays it is like this.
One day when he was begging, he saw that the same Seth was sitting in the train, due to which he was inspired to give flowers instead of begging.
He immediately approached the person and said begging, I have some flowers to give you today, you beg me, in return I will give you some flowers.

Sheth gave him some money as a begging, and the beggar gave him some flowers. That Seth liked this thing very much.
Seth: – What is the matter …? Today you too have become a businessman like me, saying that by taking a flower, he landed at Seth station.
But the thing that Seth said once again got into the heart of that beggar again. He repeatedly started thinking about that thing told by Seth and started to be very happy. Her eyes began to shine now, she felt that now she has got the hand of success that she can change her life.
She immediately landed down the train and got excited and looking at the sky in a very loud voice said, “I am not a beggar, I am a businessman.
I too can become like that Seth .. I too can become rich!
When the people saw him, he thought that the beggar might have gone crazy, and the next day, the beggar would never show it at that station.
After one year, two people were traveling on this station wearing a suit boot. When both of them saw each other, one of them bowed their hands and said, “Did you recognize me?”
Seth: – “If not! Maybe we are meeting for the first time.
Beggar: – Seth ji .. remember you, we are not meeting for the first time but for the third time.
Seth: – I can not remember, when we met the first two times?
Now the first person smiled and said:
We had met twice earlier in this train, I am the beggar who told you in the first meeting what should I do in life and in the second meeting, who told me who I am.
As a result, it turned out that today I am a big business owner and I am going from another business to another.
You told me the rule of nature in the first meeting … according to which we get something when we give something. This rule of transaction really works, I have felt it very well, but I have always considered myself beggars, rising above it I never thought and when you met my second you told me That I have become a businessman Now I had understood that I was actually a beggar but not a businessman.
Indian mystics probably made the most emphasis on knowing themselves and then saying –
The only thing to understand …
The beggar kept himself as a beggar till he became a beggar. He considered himself a businessman, became a merchant.
On the day we understand who I am …
Then knowing what will be left to understand?
Dear love companion, loving all the brothers and sisters and friends with love, Radha Sawamaji ji

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