Beautiful Saakhi for Today

Beautiful Saakhi
One person always used to chant the name of God. Gradually he was very old, so that he was lying in a room only, whenever he was defeated; Bath, etc.; He used to call his son and used to take his son. Slowly a few days later, the son used to cry several times even after coming and sometimes even late. During this time, he used to spend the night on dirty bed only, because of his old age, he started appearing less often, as soon as he made a voice to retire on one night, a boy comes and instantly becomes big With soft touch they are retired and lying on the bed, now it becomes the rule of the day
One night, they get suspicious that, earlier, the sons did not even come to the sound of many times during the night, but after the sound of this, it comes in the second moment and gives them all a gentle touch.
One night the person takes his hand and asks who is telling you the truth. My son is not like this, now there is a supernatural light in the dark room, and the boy as God has shown his true nature
The person says, crying: O Lord, you are doing my retirement work, if you are so happy, do not give salvation.

Lord says that what you are suffering is your destiny. You are my true seeker; Every time I chant my name, so I am also cutting myself, due to your true devotion, the person says that what is beyond me is beyond your grace; May your grace not cut my blessings. The Lord says that my grace is paramount; This can cut off your wishes; But then in the next life you will have to come back again to suffer this priceless, this is the Karma Rama. Therefore, I want to deliver you from your birth and death with my own hands.
God says: There are three types of eternal life
Slow, fast and fastest
My name is cut off with my name chanting, with a deeply fortunate one, a true saint is cut down on my name by reverence and faith, but the most urgent need is to suffer, but whoever keeps on binding with faith and belief at all times; His prarabdh, I am cutting myself with myself and I do not feel intensified

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