Banglor question answer August 2018 with Baba ji

Banglor question answer
Baba ji said that the destruction of pepper or salt will not end the work,
2nd – 21 lives cut off from your eyes.
He said that if this would happen then I would have lived with my family since when their work had ceased and they had gone away from here …
Inspired by the inner look, the meeting which is born of birth has ended, the external philosophy is to create an atmosphere so that you can understand
Baba ji can not sit in the hymn full time.
Baba ji said that you do any job and you tell him that if I do not have time then will you get a salary?
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So how did you think that the person who has the dosage of the soul will get satisfaction without giving time?
In Bhajan Simran, time is also to give the son laugh and even after crying, he will read … without getting something without him
You do one thing, you increase 5 minutes every month and do not feel like giving your time

It is important to sit in the praises of Baba ji Simran.
Baba ji said son, you made a meal but ate it not only will it fill with the stomach.
Simran is about to concentrate on the mind, whatever you get will climb. It will happen only through the hymns, if you get up and rise, then you will not get any benefit.
Baba ji, what you say to sit in Simran, keep the K. Waist straight, that is a little body gets stressed. Say it, do not sit as if you like.
Baba ji said that I never said that sitting by sitting in the body after being stressed like you are able to sit on the sit and read the right accompaniment.
What is Baba ji karma and how can he be relieved.
No one can escape from Baba ji’s deeds .. If a piece of paddy flows in the other farm with deception, then our deeds will be created in it. We have not done anything yet there is a thing in payment which should be paid.
One has to give an account of karma, no saint-mahatma, religion-books do not say that the accounting of karma will be cut off by taking it from the forehead. Just one. This is the way Bhajan Simran and the service, which makes our Karmo solve the soli

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