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DIG Navneet Sikera posted a * very poignant story *.
Why are judges giving divorce to their wives?
* “Be sure to read the” Hanging String “Story Story * and share it with the people.
It was a nightmare that touched many facets of my life *.
It will be around 7 o’clock,
Mobile play in the evening
Raised * The sound of crying there * …
I calm down and asked if the sister-in-law was finally?
The sound came from there.
* Where are you ??? And how long can you come?
I said: – * “You tell me trouble” *.
And “Where is brother sir …? Where are you?” “What happened after all?”
* From there only one rhetoric that “You come” *, I gave the impression that * will take * at least one hour to reach. As if in the entire panic;
See, brother sir [our friends who are judges] are sitting in front;
* Sister-in-law is crying cry * 12 year old son is also upset; 9-year-old daughter is also unable to say anything.
I asked the brother, “What is the matter” “*” *
* “” Brothers were not answering any “” *.
Then sister-in-law said, see this: * Divorce papers, they have been prepared from the court, * I want to divorce,
I asked – How can this be ??? There is such a nice family. There are 2 children. Everything is setld. “In the first sight I thought this is fun” “*.
But I asked the children, * how grandma is *
The children reported that the father shifted them to * Noida’s old age home 3 days ago.
I told the servant of the house.
Give me and brother to tea;
In the meantime, tea was given to me. * To try, to give tea to tea.
But they did not drink and in a while they started crying like a * “innocent child” * I said, I have not eat anything for 3 days. I have been presenting my 61-year-old mother to some people.
* Since last year, he got so much trouble in my house that the wife (sister-in-law) swore by *. That * “” I can not take care of mother “” * Neither did he talk to them
Nor did my children talk * After coming to my court every day, mother cried a lot *. Even to the servant * used to behave arbitrarily *
Mother said 10 days ago .. son, you shift me to * Old Age Home *.
I tried a lot of * to explain the whole family *, but * no one talked directly to her mother *.
* When I was 2 years old, Papa died and I was taught by working in the homes of others. I have been able to prove that I am the judge today. ” People tell me that mother never left me alone while working in the homes of others.
* I have come here to shift to Old Age Home *. From last 3 days
I * am reluctant to remember the pain of your mother, * which she just picked up for me.
I still remember when ..
* “” I was about to appear in the 10th exam. Mother would sit with me overnight “” *.
Once * I was very furious when I came from school *. His body was warm, he used to drink *. I said, * Maa is your fever, laughing, the quote was making meals, so it is so hot *.
* By borrowing from people I taught from Delhi University to LLB *. Do not teach me to teach tuition * that my time would not be bad.
* Saying – I started crying … and said – “When such a mother can not be us, what will happen to our wives and children?”
We have pieces of body *, today we have handed them to such people, “” who does not know anything about their habit, their illness, about them ”
When I can not do anything for such a mother, then what can I do for someone else? *
If the freedom is so sweet and * the mother is feeling so burdened, then I want to give full freedom *
When I went without father, these children would also be gone. That’s why I want to divorce.
* All property will be handed over to these people * and in that * Old Age Home *. At least I can live with mother.
And if * doing so much of everything, “Mother is forced to stay at the ashram” “, then one day I will have to go to the end. * A habit of living with the mother will also happen. * Problems like mom will not be *.
* He was crying even more than speaking *.
Doing things at night is 12:30
I saw sister-in-law’s face

Their * expressions were also filled with atonement and guilt *; I told the driver, now we will go to Noida.
Sister-in-law and children, we all reached Noida.
* Opening gate * at very high resolution. Brother Sahib caught hold of that * gatekeeper *, he said, ‘my mother is there, I have come to take her,
The watchman said what do you do,
Brother Saheb said * I am the judge, *
That janitor said: –
* “” Where all the evidence is in front, then you can not judge with your mother,
Saheb can do justice with others “*.
By saying so, we stopped the people there and went into it.
Inside a woman who was * warden *.
He said in big words: *: –
“At 2 o’clock in the night you kill people and kill them
* What will I reply to my God .. *?
I told the seister * believe you *. These people are living in great repentance *.
Finally somehow took them to their room. * I am not in the position to tell the scene in the room. *
Only a photo that has * full family * and that is also next to mother, like a child has been kept.
I saw them, they thought that the matter would not open
But when I said * we have come to take you, then the whole family began to cry and catch each other *
In the surrounding rooms there were even more elderly people all awake and came to the outside.
* His eyes were too moist *
After some time the preparation was ready. People from the entire ashram came to the outside. Somehow we people

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