Babaji in South Africa 7/20/2018 Full Satsang

Babaji in South Africa 7/20/2018
A guy wanted to know how to recognize the ruler of the first region during his meditation.
Babaji explained that it was just a way of explaining our journey back home, but actually we should only be concerned about our destiny and nothing in between .
As Huzur used to say, either you are there or you are not there, nothing in between matters
A lady was talking about some youtube video she had seen on doing meditation on your behalf etc ..
Babaji said that if any of these electronic gadgets could do our meditation for us, we all would already have been with Huzur by now.
At our level we can only have conditional . Its only when you leave this body and plane can we have unconditional love.
Many of us think we know where we are going but in reality we are lost in this creation.
If you pick a glass of water up and sit it down, the container will be still but the water will still be oscillating for a while before it too becomes still.
Similarly it is essential to still this body before the mind can become still.
In worldly matters we can offset debits with credits, but in karmic law that cannot be done. You have to go thru the good and also the bad.

If you earn your money unethically, but then donate seva money to offset how you earned your money, this cannot work. You still have to pay for the bad you did.
Babaji said that even if you meditated for 24 hours a day your whole life you would still not reach your destination without your Master. Your meditation is merely to provoke his Grace to forgive you and take you to your destination.
A guy who drew a numbered token got to ask Babaji the 1st question.
What was amazing is that on Babajis last visit he could not ask his question as the guy in front of him was the last question Babaji took.
To the questioner this felt like a miracle to him.
Only meditation will wipe away your karma. Seva cannot wipe out karma – it is there only to teach us humility.
A lady was complaining about progress in meditation. Babaji said that if you dont start your car then how do you expect to reach your destination.
Babaji said that if your Master gave you initiation it is because he knows that you have the capability and capacity to do your meditation.
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