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Baba sawan Ji maharaj ki sewa

Bibi, who once Laajo Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj
Rhtithy’s services. Asks Sir true Patshah
Lack of compassion to get the mercy Mahar
What is the easiest way? Responding to major Maharaji
Brothers and sisters who we listen carefully we Satsngi of Logॊ
Complain that our work does not. Large
Maharaj Sahib respond. Bibi day we night
Mahar Mercy at 3 am to get to the basket Lecce ऒr

Those who worship him in the morning, sitting in the basket mercy
The flower is distil. Then large Maharaj Sahib Bibi
Hey, we feel very sad that some said Laajo
The same benefit is being able to watch Bagyashli
We pity the whole of the rest of the basket is ऒr
They are very sad we have to bring it back ….
Radha Swami

Rupesh says:

Radha soami

Aapka satsang dkebin main kaha per hota hai

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