Baba ji ne satsang main samjaya sab ko

Baba ji explained that when we see something Baba ji wants to give us, we have to give account, so if there is something worth seeking from that owner then that is Paramartha and devotion, nothing else will go with us.
Baba gave an illustration of kitchenware that just cook the food in the cooking pot and do not clean it, then the layer of filth begins to climb on it and after some days the brightness of the kitchen disappears but we like it If you start cleaning the kitchen, then after a few days, its glow comes back. On that day we will know what the kitchenware was and what was the dirt and so on our soul is the dirt of millions of births. We will begin to come back to shine will sing Simran, so too our soul!

: Then the example was given that a person who reads all the Umar not only used to read a book but also did not run a car, but on the other hand there is such a person who has run only a car, if no book is read, who would you like to sit in the car?
Therefore, reading or reading of the lesson is not freed when we bring that process into practice. If the recitation takes place in the form of a person, then its owner will be identified! ✍?✍?✍?✍? See, Ravana was the commentator of the Vedas, it was not like that He had ten heads, but the ten-headed wisdom in it was able to control his mind even after being so knowledgeable? Found salvation? To say this is to say that do not go on reading all the ages only, otherwise it can be only ego but not liberation, there is liberation in doing it!

Updated: March 29, 2018 — 9:27 pm
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