Baba ji ne Sardar Bahadur ji ki Sakhi sunai…..

Baba ji said that “Sardar Bahadur ji once
Calling the servant and saying that this picture should be placed on that wall,
So now that where the picture to be taken was slightly higher then the servant looked at a table or stool, Hujur said, put a picture of the climb on my bed, the servant said, “You are sleeping on this bed. How can I keep legs,
Then Huzur said that if he starts to climb on that chair then again that servant repeated the same answer that if you sit on that chair, then how can I keep a foot on it,
Then the servant brought a stool from outside and climbed to it and put it on the photo and said, “Hujur and any order”, Hujur said that son, you did not put a foot on my bed and chair but put a paw on my tongue ”

In fact, Baba ji wanted to explain to us the same thing through this Sakhi that the Saints have the same mandate that they should recite the recitation, but we do not believe in His command, but according to our mind, is
According to the order of Baba ji, we should enjoy the happiness of Baba ji sitting on the daily hymn everyday.
Baba ji teaches us in almost every Satsang, Ni teaches us, then let us all repeat the words of Baba ji and say, “Dada Bhulalangar, be sure to give away”.
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji …

Updated: April 15, 2018 — 10:34 am
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