Baba ji ne jab United Kingdom dera main visit kia Story

During Maharaj Charan Singh JI’s visit in 1979 to United Kingdom. He called Sevadar’s meeting at the home of Mrs. Wood, His Representative in U.K. This part is taken from Mrs. Wood’s write up–
‘There is a lovely little bit I’d like to end with. It was a satsang given by A V M Kundan Sondhi when he was Master’s Representative in Eastern Canada.
And it”s such a beautiful one that I couldn’t resist reading it to you.
“Satsang is an easy way to purify the mind, which will automatically purify all our actions. Satsang is in fact, an indispensable discipline in Sant Mat. Moreover , it stands on its own as a separate discipline from meditation. It must not be mixed up with meditation, You cannot say, today I will sit for meditation and not go to sating. Going to satsang is an act of devotion.
“Meditation is an act of love. Now you can not reach love, Nam Bhakti, true love, unless you show devotion. Therefore , satsang comes first and then love is born. First satsang, then the Grace of the Guru, and finally the Shabd, which He will give to us.
“That is the order in which we get these things. It is devotion which leads to love. It is devotion which makes love possible. Love is the fruit of devotion.
“It is a different matter if you are not well, or for unavoidable reasons you cannot make to satsang, then it is all right.
“Master knows. He knows exactly our situation. But we cannot fool the Master, we cannot deceive Him at all. He is there the whole time. He knows exactly what is going on in the mind. So we have to be completely sincere as to whether we can attend satsang or not.

“Even the most highly evolved souls continue to attend satsang, right up to the end of their life.You might think that it is not necessary for them to do that, but Kal is so strong. The mind is so strong that it has in the past misled even the highly evolved souls.
“Although the influence of the mind ends at the top of the second stage in Trikuti, sparks fly off it , fly right up to the fourth stage, and souls who have reached the fourth stage have been known to fall. But Swami Ji says that spiritual losses are not very great. They get back their position very soon afterwords.
“I mention this only to state how extremely careful we must be of the mind. It only leaves you completely in the fifth region. Those who don’t attend satsang without good reason suffer from lack of faith in the Master, they moreover suffer lack of faith in the teachings of the Saints. I would say that, if they don’t attend satsang, they are satsangis in name only.
“Satsang, as I say, is an act of devotion , and those who attend, benefit as they would from two and one-half hours’ meditation. It doesn’t matter who the speaker is, good or bad, or what the subject is, what we have look to is the teaching given out at SATSANG , I have known people who have travelled hundreds of miles to attend one hour of satsang. And if you attend satsang at the expense of any of your worldly duties, you will find that your work will get done. Need I say more?
“It is quite impossible to do away with out lower impulses, our doubts and obscurities, and discover our many faults without going to satsang.
“Now , here is a very simple truth, a simple right word heard at the right moment when the mind is receptive can alter the entire course of one’s life. Just one single word!
“What a small effort it is to go to satsang to win the great Treasure. So satsang is very important.

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