Baba ji ke sewadaro ki Story

Once Guru Ji asked his students to bring some tomatoes.
But every tomato had to be packed in a white envelope and on that envelope was to write the name of the person, which would be disgusting or annoying to the student. If a student is disgusted or offended by anybody, then he is a tomato and if he is more He will bring more tomatoes. In this way, the number of tomatoes of the people who have hatred or annoyance have to be brought. Such instructions were also given by Guru ji to the students.
Now the next day all the students brought the tomatoes in the finest white envelopes. On the envelopes of all the students, the name of the person was named after the instructions of Guru ji, so that the student was disgusted or resentful.
Now, there are no students 1 then any 2 then some 4 then some 8 and some students went to the school with 15 20 tomatoes envelopes. The student who hated the person or was angry at some thing brought the same Tomato envelope.
There were also some students who did not bring any envelope to a tomatoes.
On asking, they told that they do not have any anger or disgust with anybody.
Guruji instructed all the students to keep their envelopes while giving a clothes bag.
The students who did not bring tomatoes were given the flowers of Gulab in the bag.
Guru ji ordered that these bags, which contain tomatoes or roses, have to be kept close to them for 10 days continuously, wherever they go, keep this bag with you.
A week later, Guruji asked, “Why are children keeping the bag together? How does it feel?”

The students said to the tomato, “Trouble and weight of Guru Ji Tomatoes are causing trouble.”
While the student said to Gulab, “Master, we have no problem, the bag is light, and even a lot of fragrance is coming.”
Now Guruji explained to the students, who had hatred hatred or angry tomatoes were all upset.
Whereas those who did not hate hatred or annoyance, they are happy.
This is exactly what you keep for any person in your heart?
If you hate hatred or annoyance then you will have to suffer from weight and deodorant problems.
If you love love for someone, you will get lightness and fragrance. *
Hate hate hatred will make your heart uncomfortable, while love, affection and love will help keep the heart healthy.
When you get annoyed with the deodorant and weight of tomatoes in a week, think about how much harm you do every day, if you hate hatred and hateful deodorant and weight every day.
Your heart is a beautiful garden with fragrant and light roses, not rotten, deodorant and heavy tomatoes.
* Embrace humbleness and anger by giving them forgiveness, and then see the fragrance of rose rose in happiness in your life. *
Goose and tomatoes are both on the tables in front, and go and look good to you.
All the students rode towards the rose table …
Dear beloved sadhak ji, all the loving brothers and sisters and friends are lovingly added to Radha Savamaji

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