Baba ji Farmaya karte the Sakhi..

Huzur Maharaj ji in his satsang
Huzur Maharaj ji in his satsang, if a person looks very happy in this world then his virtue of his past lives is high and sin is less. If a person is unhappy, then his sin is more in his past lives than it is virtuous.
We do not see any happiness in this world. We see the condition of the poor every day, half a night sleeps on the hungry streets. How unemployment is there in the world. Somebody has come under the control of someone’s disease. Someone has to take a loan. Someone has to repay a loan. The poor man does not get food. The rich man can not eat a variety of diseases. Is it called happiness? Look where it is sad It appears. What is the biggest misery of man?
Son’s father on the shoulder of father Is there any more sadness than this? This is a worldly grief.
Now let us see the vision of the saintly. By repeatedly being born again and again, there is a lot of suffering and some sadness that is staining on our forehead, how can we get rid of this sadness.
Kabir Sahib fines.
* Now the time has passed,
Bahurai Bhavjal Fera
We pray from all sides that God will save us this time. Now we are not strong enough to take away our sins and take birth again and again.
Fareed sahib firate.

* I am sad to go to Farida. Seeing my sadness, the world of grief climbed up.
Fareed sahib says that I used to think that I am sad but I climbed the top floor and saw that the whole world is more sad than me.
Now the question arises, who is happy who we are.
We can not make anyone sad in this world if we are sad, then our desires will be fulfilled. If one is beaten by a cry, then the mind keeps ten further.
Bani has come in.
* Tush Bin Hore asked to ask for sorrow, sorrow misery.
O God, if we ask for something from you and ask for something then you have started asking for misery. Give us your love for your name, so that all the wishes of our mind will disappear. We will be satisfied.
The person who came in to satisfaction in the wealth of his people and the latter was both excited. He can not make anyone sad, there is no more happiness than that.He is also in pain and happiness, that is, he gets comfortable.
The person who took the name of the name, named the name, is the happiest person.
“Nanak is sad all over the world;
Radha Soami Ji

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