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Baba jaimal Singh ji satsang kar rahe

once upon a time. Baba jamal singh ji was doing sattang! So a sadness in the teeth of Bibi was very painful! The pain grew so much that she was lying on the ground directly to the Hi Hi Hi BBi. A savera went to Baba ji and said to Baba ji Baba ji is suffering from the pain of a Bibi teeth !! You have some mercy! Baba ji said, Brother, do not you worry, Swami ji is having compassion from Maharaj !! Servant sat back to his place by folding hands! But Bibi was screaming loudly from the pain! The saffron again picked up from his place and said to Baba ji Baba ji, he is doing a hobby Hi Hi! Baba ji said Bhai Puri is having mercy !! Those who are the Bedi Mahatmas of the Shabad, our deeds are seen like this! Like glass in glass glasses !! Baba Ji told the saffron brother, this Bibi had stolen gold chain lying in the neck of a small child in the last birth! If you do not even fill this heart of Bibi by taking a chain

He killed the child alive !! Now in this birth, that child is sitting in the teeth of this Bibi as a worm and it is hurting! Swami ji has altered the payment of the deeds of this Bibi! This Bibi was to get the fire of hell in lieu of the murder of a small child! But Swami ji Maharaj is offering this BB by paying a little bit of a tooth. When all the creatures suffer from distress, then we raise a finger on the guru and begin to complain about the Guru. We can not see that the guru’s concession and mercy are continuing !!! The day on which Guru distributes the word to his disciple !! From that day, we take account of our deeds from Triloki Nath! And it is said that the responsibility of this creature is ours and we will give it to you. The guru enters his pupil’s needle … Radha SOAMI

Rajendra insan says:

Titag ke charno ko koti koti naman ji

Anil Gupta says:

Radha Soami ji

Rajendra tembhare says:

babaji ke charnome koti koti naman ,babaji aapke das pe daya ki drusti banaye rakhana //Radhawamiji//



surrinder kaur says:

Radha swami. Would you please write you daily satsang in English as well please.My husband is a satsang .

parul wadhwa says:

radha soami ji

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