Baba Gurinder singh ji Visited South Africa Satsang ghar

When Great RadhaSoami Master Gurinder Singh Ji
visited South Africa recently he said a very
interesting thing- well, lots of interesting
things, of course, but this one seemed
particularly important.
This was in Durban, in reply to a question
about whether the RSSB Master meets us
at death if we’ve seen no Light in our
Meditation or heard no Sound.
He answered that Sound and Light are not
linked to progress; one can be an elevated

soul without seeing or hearing anything.
He went on to explaining that the teacher
knows at what stage his students are.
Some need a pull on the ear. To be given
Sound and Light might make us over-confident.
What is important , he said, is just to
keep on doing our meditation and attach
ourselves to the effort rather than the
results. For us it’s the effort that makes the differences.

Updated: July 23, 2018 — 6:48 pm
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