Baba Charan Singh Ji ki Sakhi

Baba Charan Singh ji was very happy.
One day Baba Charan Singh Ji was going
to Pathankot with Sardar Bahadur Singh Ji.
When Sardar Bahadur Singh ji returned to
the last seat and Baba Charan Singh ji was
in the front seat. On the road, Baba Charan
Singh Ji saw a monk who was riding on horseback.
His servants were going back and forth with that monk,
that summer was very much and his servants were
going without shoes. Seeing this, Baba Charan Singh ji

added both hands and gave it to the head. Sardar Bahadur Singh Ji
was watching everything. And what is the point of
asking about the stage, Baba ji replied in the name of
that owner was thanking me that he made his servant who
took care of his servant more than himself, I was shocked
to think that if the owner What would have happened to me
if I became a horse’s servant?
By listening to this, Sardar Bahadur was very happy that
he was very laughing.

Updated: September 15, 2017 — 9:46 pm
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