7 Home remedies for Headaches and Migraines

Home remedies for Headaches, सिरदर्द के लिए घरेलू नुस्खे (Home remedies for headaches), 8 Home Remedies for Headaches and Migraines .
Many times there is such a pain in the head that the nakabila gets tolerated. Headache is due to many reasons, stress and fatigue are major. However, sometimes gas causes headache. When the stomach gas rises up and does not pass, it affects the heart and the mind, which causes headache. Let us tell you about home remedies to avoid headache.
Home Remedies To Avoid Headaches –
If you have a headache, lie down on the bed and hang the painful part below the bed. Put a few drops of mustard oil in the nose on the part of the head which is causing pain, then afterwards push the breaths up loud, it will relieve the headache.
After headache, grind the cinnamon with water and apply it diluted on the forehead. Remove the lip after drying it. Headache will be stopped after applying 3-4 coating.
Pushkar root like a sandalwood and then apply on its forehead, it cures headache.
Make a fine powder by decoding it. Snoring by taking this powder near the nose and getting relief in the headache.

On the headache, peal, peanut, mahalheeti, fennel and kneading make them powder by grinding them with about 10-10 grams. After that, add one tamarind water to this powder and make a thick paste. Apply this coating on the forehead. Headache will stop.
Gondanti bhash and praval bhash and small cardamom grains. Grind the three and make a fine powder. Wake up in the morning and take a little powdered stomach with curd and water. This will get rid of the problem of headache.
Massage the paints with that towels by putting the towels in lightweight hot water. This will help in the headache.
The headache often starts suddenly and is often well-cured. The comfort that comes with the touch of hands in the headache is more effective than any medicine. If you do not get relief from headaches, despite having these prescriptions, please contact the doctor.

Updated: October 4, 2017 — 10:07 pm
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